This is what Partial Color Blindness People Feel

Most people with color blindness experience partial color blindness. Very few actually experience total color blindness. The characteristics of people with color blindness are having different perceptions about colors, and cannot distinguish certain colors. Color blindness is usually marked by difficulty naming colors since childhood, in contrast to friends of his age who can identify colors easily. Recognize the Causes of Partial Color Blindness Broadly speaking, there are two types of color blindness, namely partial color blindness and total or partial color blindness. People with partial color blindness may have difficulty distinguishing some colors. Then there is also total color blindness, often known as monochromatic vision, characterized by not being able to see colors at all. Partial color blindness usually occurs due to hereditary factors inherited from families that have abnormalities in photopigment, ie molecules that detect color in cone-shaped cells on the retina.
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